Here you can find find the steps involved in Using Secondary Market place at Customer End.


The Secondary Market place Setup need to be completed on Mojito Admin Portal.

Steps to follow as below

Here you can find the secondary market place API's related to the setup guide and installation procedures.

getSignatureMessage : It validates the wallet address and network which are supported by the organization and generates the signature message to connect metamask.

getNFTFavouriteListByUser: Get all the favourite NFTs from the user favourite list.

getUserOrderActivity: The user activity against the NFT like new offers, cancel offer, list item, accept offer, buy now, item purchased, item sold by the user organization made.

generateSecondaryInvoices: Generate the secondary invoice by invoice id , response return in base64 and pdf format.

getNFTHistory: Get the NFT history.

createOffer: This API is used to create the offer against the NFT. This API will check the owner of the NFT and create one order record against the NFT and generate the SHA3 signature returned to sign the metamask via front end.

getSignatureForOfferApproval: getSignatureForOfferApproval Mutation is called next to get the message to sign via metamask for listing NFT.

getNFTDetails: get NFTDetails by nftTokenId or contractAddress with token id or get NFT by contractAddress with random NFT against the contact.

getAllRegistryTokens: Get the secondary marketplace listed registry tokens against the organzation with marketplace id with with filters.

getActiveWalletsContent: getActiveWalletsContent load the NFTs against the metamask connected wallet with network.

getOffers: getOffers returns the available offers against the NFT.

connectExternalWallet: It validates the signature generated by the given message from metamask, expiry date and validate the risk rating of wallet address by the Chainalysis and update the given wallet into user active wallet.

addNFTToFavourite: Add the NFT user's favorite list.

removeNFTFromFavourite: Remove the NFT from users favourite list.

estimateTaxAndRoyaltyFee: This mutation is called to get the tax and royalty fees for the NFT.

createSignatureToListNFTForSale: This mutation is called to validate the NFT owner and to create the order for listing the NFT and create and return the message to sign via metamask for listing NFT.

submitProofOfApproval: Once a metamask transaction is confirmed by signature, submitProofOfApproval mutation is called to complete the listing process to update the signature and platform fees.

removeListing: This mutation is called to remove the listed item to change the status of order remove signature from the order.

submitProofOfOffer: Once metamask transaction is confirmed, submitProofOfOffer mutation is called to submit an offer to the NFT holder for acceptance. This method will save the signature which will be used while accepting the offer and generating the respective emails.

cancelOffer: cancelOffer mutation is called to cancel the offer made against the NFT and remove the signature created and stored in the DB for acceptance.

initiateBuyNFT: initiateBuyNFT mutation is called next to get the message to sign via metamask to buy NFT. Metamask popup is opened and message is signed via frontend.

updateTransactionHash: Once metamask transaction is confirmed, updateTransactionHash mutation is called to complete the buy process by transferring the NFT ownership and creating order histories.

acceptOffer: Once a metamask transaction is confirmed, acceptOffer mutation is called to complete the offer approval process to update the transaction hash and transfer the ownership in database level and triggering the respective mails to the user.

rejectOffer: Reject offer rejects the offer made by any buyer and removes the signature generated.