Buy now Onchain

Steps Involved in a Buy Now OnChain sale:

  1. Create New Collection: In Mojito Developer Console create a New Collection by providing the required Information. Deploy the Base Contract and do the Required next Steps.

  2. Creation of the NFT: The creator of the NFT (usually an artist or content creator) mints a unique digital asset that is tokenized as a non-fungible token (NFT). This NFT represents ownership and authenticity of the digital asset.

  3. Listing The NFT: After the Contract deployment and NFT token Creation, The artist can List the Minted NFT's for sale via Listing, Includes Creation of Drops, Adding the Drops for Listing, Setting up NFT Pricing and Quantity during Listing, Configuring the Sale type as Buy Now.

  4. LIsted NFT For Sale: After Setting up the NFT's for sale, NFT's are ready to be purchased in the Primary market place so that the user or the Token Buyers can purchase (Buy now) the NFT's Listed for sale either via Buy now Onchain (via metamask wallet or the connected wallet) or Buy now credit.

  5. Transaction Handling: Once a user initiates a "Buy Now" action, you'll need to handle the transaction. This involves verifying the payment, executing the transfer of the NFT from the seller to the buyer, and updating the ownership records.

  6. Payment and Transfer: Once the Transaction Initated then the token Buyer will purchase (Buy Now) the NFT via metamask wallet or the connected wallet.

  7. Confirmation and Delivery: After a successful transaction, provide a confirmation to the buyer and deliver the purchased NFT. This can involve generating a unique token ID for the buyer, updating the metadata to reflect the new owner, and potentially providing a download link or access to the NFT.

  8. Buy Now Onchain API's Reference: Click here