A faster way to search and filter data

At Mojito, as a data driven platform, we are always looking for ways to ensure our end customers find what they are searching for. As part of this we have an approach to support advanced search and filtering options. We use elasticsearch to provide customers with a fast and reliable source to search/filter and sort data as per their needs.

Marketplaces supported

Primary marketplace

  • Buy now
  • Auction
  • Claims
    • When there is a listing created in the admin portal,the dataset is pushed to elastic search.
    • When the listing reaches start date, and customer operations are live, the data keeps updating in elasticsearch as an instant action. The sale units for buy, bids for auction are pushed to be updated in the elastic search.

Secondary marketplace

  • When the contract is added to the registry via admin portal or via the primary sales, the initial registry details and nfts are pushed to elastic search.
  • When there is a customer operation to list/buy or make offers/accept offers the orders are pushed against the nfttoken. The following list of actions are covered to update the pricing details and order histories in elasticsearch.
    • List item for sale
    • Edit listing
    • Remove listing
    • Complete buy now
    • Make offer
    • Reject offer
    • Cancel offer
    • Accept offer