Payment Link


A payment link is a convenient tool used online transactions to facilitate payments between parties. It allows an individual or a business to create a unique URL that directs the user to a payment gateway, where they can securely complete a transaction.

Here's how it typically works for both admins and users:

For Admins:

Generate Link: The admin creates a payment link through their payment gateway or financial service provider. This can usually be done through a dashboard or an API provided by the service.

Customization: Depending on the service used, the admin may have options to customize the payment link with details such as the amount to be paid, a description of the purchase, and any other relevant information.

Distribution: After generating the link, the admin can distribute it to the users via various channels like email, SMS, messaging apps, or embedded in a website.

Tracking: Admins can often track the usage and performance of payment links, including the number of clicks, successful payments, and revenue generated.

For Users:

Receiving the Link: Users receive the payment link from the admin through the chosen communication channel.

Clicking the Link: Users click on the payment link, which directs them to a secure payment gateway page.

Completing the Transaction: On the payment gateway page, users typically see details of the transaction such as the amount to be paid and the description of the purchase. They then proceed to enter their payment information

Confirmation: Once the payment is successfully processed, users usually receive a confirmation message or email, and the admin is notified of the completed transaction.