Mint Tokens

What is mint tokens?

NFTs have exploded in popularity in recent years among some digital art collectors and investors. Digital artwork has sold for millions of dollars, causing some speculators to scoop up NFTs in the hope of getting rich quick. The verdict is still out on whether this is a fleeting fad or a legitimate investment class. However, NFTs are an especially promising development for artists and creators. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to turn your work into an NFT, a process called minting.

Once minted, the digital token is stored on the blockchain network and can be bought, sold, or traded. Because NFTs are unique and verifiable, they are often used to represent digital art, collectibles, or other one-of-a-kind assets. The minting process ensures that each NFT is unique and cannot be duplicated or counterfeited, giving it inherent value and scarcity.

There are two different minting Methods

You can select the Minting method when you are creating a collection

Pre Mint

Preminting is similar to the practice of offering equity stakes to the employees of a startup before that company's Initial Public Offering.

An NFT pre-sale, otherwise known as a pre mint, enables community members and early supporters the opportunity to mint before the public sale goes live. Pre-mints are generally executed through allowlist or a mint pass.

A mint pass is similar to an allowlist except you have to pay for it. Essentially, you buy a mint pass which then allows you to mint a specified number of NFTs before the public sale.

Procedure for minting process of pre mint

  1. Go to collection which are already created and deployed as Limited Edition collection Type.

if you still have doubt how to create a collection and deploy . Please click here

  1. Tap on tokens tab
  2. Tap on Create token ,it will create your draft token
  1. Tap on Edit token, it will redirect token details
  1. Fill all the details showing in token details

Token Details

See your token information like name, description and number of editions

Token Artwork

Upload your NFT artwork. If there are multiple files, the first file will be the main artwork image. Read more in our help guide.

Token Attributes

You can add Attributes from this section like Attribute name and Attribute Value

  1. After filling all the information tap on save, it will save your token details
  1. Now you can tap on mint token
  1. Once it is completed looks like below

9.** You can even verify the token status in token overview

Congratuation ! Your token is pre minted and ready..!!

Mint On Demand

Now, let's say I decide to create an NFT project with 5,000 NFTs that I plan to sell. Of course, I don’t want to be stuck paying the gas fee 5,000 times, and I want to keep the NFTs randomized so that no one knows the exact NFT they’re getting.

So instead of minting (publishing) the NFTs myself when I create them, I let the consumers mint the NFTs for me (mint on demand). Without getting too technical, the minting process is done on the backend via the smart contract.

Basically, developers can easily create a minting website similar to Amazon, where consumers can come and connect their Web3 wallets and buy as many NFTs as they’re allowed. Since the consumers are the ones initiating the transaction and publishing the NFTs to the blockchain, they are responsible for paying the gas fees.

Whether you are ‘creating’ or ‘buying’ an NFT, technically speaking, the minting process is all the same.

Procedure for minting process of Mint on demand (Delayed Reveal)

Delayed reveal is a feature that allows you to release NFTs in a drop with hidden content that can only be revealed at a later time. The owner of the smart contract (or a wallet with the appropriate permissions) can lazy-mints a batch of NFTs, along with placeholder metadata and a password.

Until the NFTs are revealed using this password, the metadata of the NFTs will be the placeholder metadata, and the "real" metadata is not visible to external parties.

This is achieved by using the password as an encryption/decryption key to encrypt the URI containing the "real" metadata. The encrypted URI is stored on-chain, and the password is stored off-chain, only known by the owner.

When the NFTs are revealed, the owner of the smart contract (or a wallet with the appropriate permissions) can decrypt the URI using the password, and the "real" metadata is revealed.

  1. Go to collection which are already created and deployed as Open Edition collection Type.

if you still have doubt how to create a collection and deploy . Please click here

  1. Checkout the collection how it looks like when selection done for Minting method as mint on demand
  1. Once selection done for Mint on demand it will show to add Placeholder Image, Placeholder Name, Placeholder Description, trigger time to Reveal.
  1. Once You saved the collection these delayed reveal info will save to that collection

You can see all the information in the collection overview once save the settings and we can also check the status of the same

5. Now Deploy your collection

  1. After deployment is completed screen looks like this
  1. collection overview and status looks like below
  1. Now tokens are ready to use..Congratulation
  2. Here is the status of the tokens we are showing before the token status is not revealed and minted

10 . Here is the status of the tokens we are showing after the token status is revealed and minted

  1. You can reveal the tokens when you want after drafting, Minted

Key Points

  1. No external party can inspect the content of NFTs in their ‘unrevealed’ state.\
  2. The creator commits to what content will be revealed in the future as the content of NFTs, at the time of minting. So — NFT holders can’t be rug pulled.
  3. At the time of minting the ‘delayed-reveal’ NFTs, the creator provides their NFT contract with 2 URIs
  4. The placeholder URI determines what the ‘delayed-reveal’ NFTs look like, before the reveal.
  5. Reveal your collection in the future once you have reached your desired goal. You can even set the time to reveal, we have feature called Trigger reveal .
  6. Airdrop a pre-reveal preview for your customers and reveal your collection at a later date. Prolong the scarcity effect, generate more mints, and create a sold-out collection.