Add an External Token

💡 Follow this guide to add External Tokens.

It is possible to add tokens from an external mint outside of Mojito. You must have the contract address and onChain token ID copied and ready. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Go to the NFTs page

Visit the NFTs page by hitting the NFTs button on the left bar.

Step 2: Click the + ADD EXTERNAL TOKEN button

On the top left side of the NFTs page, click the + Add External Token button.

The +Add External Token button.

The +Add External Token button.

An Add External Token pop-up box will appear.

Add External Token pop-up box.

Add External Token pop-up box.

Step 3: Complete the External Token Information

Add the token you want to add to the Contract Address field and its OnChainID to the OnChainId field. The OnChainID is the token ID of the token within the contract.

Step 4: Click the Add button

Wrap the whole process by clicking the ADD button on the right bottom side of the pop-up box.

In the gif image below, we show you how you can incorporate an external token.