Add a New Token within a Contract

📥 Create a new token from the generated contract.

Add a New Token

Mojito Mint knows your need well, you can create a new token within a contract you have. Imitate the following steps.

Step 1: Visit the Contracts page

Select the Contracts menu on the left sidebar.

Step 2: Choose the available contracts

The existing contracts are listed on the page. Simply select one of them.


Step 3: Click the Create New Token Button


Step 4: Select the Token Draft

The draft of the token will be generated. Click on the new draft.


Step 5: Put Details of Your Token

You will be directed to the token creation form. Fill in the available fields:
- Token Asset: select the token asset that you want to create. You only can choose one token asset.
- Token Name: name your new token.
- Token Details: write down the information details of your token.

Step 6: Settle the Token Addition

Click the Save button.


Upload a New Asset

Here are the steps you have to execute to upload an asset.

Step 1: Click Change Asset Option

On tokens that have been created or are in the process of being created, click on the Change Asset option.


Step 2: Name the Asset

Set your new name for your Asset.

Step 3: Upload the File

Drag and drop or upload the asset file from your local computer.

Step 4: Transfer Your Asset

Click on the Upload button. Now your asset is recorded.