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Create your own NFT marketplace

Sell NFTs for your customers from your own website powered by our Mojito Marketplace.

  • Customize
  • Setup your own branded customizable marketplace with custom functionality.
  • Seamless Payments
  • You can enable your user to pay in crypto or credit card, with or without an existing wallet.
  • Responsive Bidding Auction
  • Setup responsive bidding auction as well as ‘buy-now’ ecommerce with necessary KYC/KYT plugins.

Mint your own NFTs

Mint your NFTs through our no-code platform, Mojito Mint.

  • Auction Management
  • Manage and setup your own NFT auctions.
  • Claimables
  • Setup your own branded claimable campaign to reward your community.
  • Wallet Management
  • Instantly generate semi-custodial wallets for first-time NFT buyers or connect with existing self-hosted wallets.

Manage your NFT marketplace with our API

Our APIs allow you to retrieve key information and take important actions to manage your NFT marketplace

  • Organization Management
  • Create and fetch organization data.
  • Marketplace Management
  • Get all related marketplace data including sales, bids, and more.
  • Collection Management
  • Setup your own NFT collections.

Getting Started

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