Getting Started

An NFT secondary marketplace is a platform where people can buy, sell, trade NFTs after their initial release or minting.

What is Mojito Secondary Marketplace?

The Mojito NFT secondary marketplaces allows you to launch your own NFT marketplace without having to build the platform from scratch. You can take advantage of Mojito's infrastructure and technology stack with Mojito's Standard Whitelabel, API, SDK solutions.

Mojito supports a wide variety of features including search and discovery, bidding and auction functionalities such as buy now and make offer, user management, out of the box wallet integration with metamask, wallet-connect, paper.

Why should we build on Mojito's Secondary Marketplace tech?

We've saved customers hundreds of thousands in time and resources that would otherwise be required for developing their own platform. As a result they can focus on branding, marketing, and building their user base while leveraging the technology and expertise that Mojito has cultivated in Web3. Mojito allows you to enter or extend the NFT space quickly and efficiently, providing a platform for users to trade and engage with NFTs under your own brand identity.

Mojito also has crime insurance coverage, SOC2 compliance and that's why the worlds largest enterprises like Sotheby's chose to build their Secondary Marketplace on Mojito.

What is a Secondary Marketplace?

In the primary market, creators or artists mint NFTs and release them for sale directly to buyers. Once these NFTs are initially sold, they can be traded or resold in the secondary marketplaces. Secondary marketplaces provide a platform for collectors, investors, and enthusiasts to buy and sell NFTs among themselves.

NFT Secondary Marketplaces act as intermediaries, facilitating transactions and ensuring the authenticity and ownership of the NFTs.

NFT Secondary Marketplaces provide a space for users to explore, trade, and interact with unique digital assets.