This object contains all the information about order.

idUUIDThe order ID.
nftTokenIdUUIDThe NFT token id.
nftTokenObjectContains all the information from NFTToken that includes the information such as token name, token type, metadata json.
tokenContractStringThe nft contract address.
tokenIdIntegerThe nft token id.
tokenTypeEnumThe nft token type like ERC1155 and ERC721.
quantityIntegerQuantity of NFT , it will exist if the token type ERC1155.
nftOwnerAddressStringThe nft token owner address.
fixedPriceFloatPrice is like offer price or listed price.
PriceObjectContains all the information from NFTPrice
buyerAddressStringThe nft buyer address.
buyerTaxFloatTax of the fixed price based user country with postal code.
platformFeeFlaotNft platform fee.
creatorFeeFloatNft royalty fees
cryptoTaxInUSDFloatBuyer tax converted current usd price from crypto.
buyerTaxPercentFloatTax percentage of fixed price
totalPriceFloatTotal price of nft.
paymentTokenFloatPayment token address.
orderTypeEnumThe order comes via LISTINGor OFFER
orderStatusEnumContains all the information from orderStatus
offerExpiryDateTimeOffer expiry time.
createdByUserIdUUIDOffer made user id.
listedCurrencyIdUUIDNft listed currency id.
listedCurrencyObjectContains all the information from SupportedCurrency such as the name , symbol, network id and etc.
buyerCurrencyIdUUIDNft buyer currency id.
buyerCurrencyObjectContains all the information from SupportedCurrency such as the name , symbol, network id and etc.
createdByObjectContains all the information from user
createdByUserOrganizationObjectContains the all information from UserOrganization info like user id, external userid, organization id and etc...