This mutation organisation admin only has access to make calls, which triggers the rebate method to send rebates to eligible users.

Sample mutation

mutation dutchAuctionRebate($lotID: UUID1!, $walletAddress: String) {
  dutchAuctionRebate(lotID: $lotID, walletAddress: $walletAddress)

Sample variable

  "lotID": "54bc8bec-9789-408b-9c72-76306d08edc7",
  "walletAddress": "0x510D1EC9937F112362BbA2F4D40Dbeb22b9783f1"

Sample response

  "data": {
    "dutchAuctionRebate": true


This mutation works in two cases:-

Case 1: If only the lotID is provided, all rebate amounts will be sent to the wallet of rebate-eligible users.

Case 2: If both the lotID and walletAddress are provided, the respective wallet with the rebate amount will be picked and sent.

lotIDUUIDThe auction lot id.Yes
walletAddressStringThe buyer's wallet address.No


dutchAuctionRebateBooleanif returns true rebate amount settled success fully