[Authenticated] This Query fetches all the active NFTs available on the wallet address for the network.

General Pattern

    orgId: "UUID1",
    networkId: "UUID1",
    walletAddress: "String",
    refreshCache: "Boolean",
    contractAddress: "String"){

Sample Variables

  "orgId": "d4191c0a-8020-4a6a-bdb9-461d92b8c2de",
  "networkId": "9ca86d5b-60a5-416f-ac37-7b209653dbed",
  "walletAddress": "0xE771d49aEbe81A534Fb94E9d6CD462DA25273938",
  "refreshCache": false,
  "contractAddress": "0xF31FF1276D10Ea7356889F8F2D07B077a1640Ab0" 

Sample Query

query getActiveWalletsContent(
  $orgId: UUID1!
  $networkId: UUID1!
  $walletAddress: String!
  $refreshCache: Boolean!
  $contractAddress: String!
) {
    orgID: $orgId
    networkId: $networkId
    walletAddress: $walletAddress
    refreshCache: $refreshCache
    filters: { search: $contractAddress } # Optional
  ) {
    tokens {
      tokenURI # Blockchain URL
      contractAddress # NFT Contract Address
      id # Token ID
      network # Network Name
      balance # Balances on ERC1155
      tokenType # Represents ERC 721 or ERC 1155
      status # NEW

Sample Response

  "data": {
    "getActiveWalletsContent": {
      "tokens": [
          "title": "Mojito IRL",
          "description": "Hi friend! It is such a pleasure to meet you! What if we could capture this moment digitally? Not just a selfie but our interaction captured in a unique moment, immutable, undeniable. Wouldn’t that be so cool?  Well we think so too! Welcome to mojito, we are  the web3 platform for consumer engagement and what’s more engaging than connecting with your community in real spaces, enjoying a conversation or a meal together. Please redeem and enjoy this digital memory of our meeting and join the Mojito community.",
          "tokenURI": "",
          "contractAddress": "0xf31ff1276d10ea7356889f8f2d07b077a1640ab0",
          "id": "2",
          "network": "Sepolia Testnet",
          "balance": "7",
          "tokenType": "ERC1155",
          "status": "NEW",
          "timeLastUpdated": "2023-05-25T22:58:11.637Z"


orgIdUUID1This org ID is unique to the project you are working on with Mojito. Please obtain this from the Mojito Support Team. Keep in mind that the org ID will differ for the development and production environments.Yes
networkIdUUID1This is a unique network ID that is available from the "id" response field in the "GetSupportedNetworks" query.
Please note that it may differ between the development and production environments.
walletAddressStringNote that an EVM compatible wallet address is mandatory for this process. Please ensure that the wallet address you provide is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.Yes
refreshCacheBooleanThe default value is set to false, and the NFTs for the wallet are refetched at 15-minute intervals. To forcefully pull the NFTs, use the flag set to true.No
contractAddressStringSpecify the NFT contract address to filter specific NFTs by their contract address.No