This object contains information about invoice details.


invoiceIDUUID1The invoice ID.
invoiceCreatedAtTimeInformation about when is the invoice created.
externalUserIDStringThe external user ID.
internalUserIDStringThe internal user ID.
itemsObjectContains all the information from ItemInvoiceDetail such as the collectionTitle, the collectionItemTitle, the units, the unitPrice, and etc.
statusEnumRepresents the invoice status. The value can be either Draft, Pending, Canceled, or Paid.
userNameStringBid-owned user name.
userEmailStringBid-owned user email.
invoiceNumberStringInvoice number of the record.
paymentIDUUIDPayment id of the transaction.
externalPaymentIDStringExternal payment id like circle payment id.
OrganizationIDUUIDThe organization id.
invoiceURLStringInvoice updated in google cloud URL.
onChainTokenIdIntegerNFT token in the contract.
cryptoAmountFloatCrypto amount the invoice transaction.
supportedCurrencyObjectContains all the information from supportedCurrency
billingAddressObjectContains all the information from billingAddress
orgConfigOrganizationSettingsContains all the information from OrganizationSettings
nftDetailsInvoiceNFTDetailsContains all the information from InvoiceNFTDetails