This object contains information about gating rule information.

ruleTypeEnumContains all the information about ruleType such as the contract address ...
contractAddressObjectContains all the information about contractAddress such as the contract address.
contractAddressWithTokenIdObjectContains all the information about contractAddressWithTokenId such as the contract address and token id.
contractAddressWithTokenIdAndMetaDataObjectContains all information about contractAddressWithMetaData such as contract address with metadata details
contractAddressWithMetaDataObjectContains all information about contractAddressWithTokenIdAndMetaData such as contract address with metadata details
metaDataObjectContains all the information about MetaData such as the key and value
onchainObjectContains all the information about onchain such as the on-chain enum
isNegativeGatingBooleanIf the owner's NFT matches with the gating rule e.g. rule-contract address, rule contract token exists in the owner token list, the owner is not eligible for gating.
webhookInputObjectAn array of webhookContract contains marketplaceCollectionItemId,``onchainContractType-(TokenGating,Redeem),contractAddress, create webhook subscription of smart contract transactions.