Getting Started

The Claimable/Earnable API enables users to initiate and claim or earn NFT tokens from the blockchain, which may include rewards, rebates, or other forms of incentives earned through various actions such as participating in a sale, making a purchase, or referring new users.

By using the Claimable/Earnable API, users can conveniently view their available tokens and initiate claims on the blockchain to receive them.

This API is particularly useful for platforms that provide rewards or incentives to their users and aim to offer an effortless way for them to track and claim their earned tokens.

Mojito supports the following types of claimable or earnable NFTs:

  1. NFTs with a one-time claim code
  2. NFTs with a dynamic claim code generatable with a fixed prefix
  3. NFTs with no claim code

The "redeemClaimableCode" query is used to redeem claimables or earnables that have been configured with a one-time claim code or a dynamic claim code that can be generated with a fixed prefix.

On the other hand, the "redeemClaimableItem" query is used to redeem claimables or earnables that do not require a claim code. This query is used for NFTs that can be claimed by passing the wallet address and a valid item ID to the blockchain network.

Therefore, you can use the "redeemClaimableCode" query for the first and second options, and the "redeemClaimableItem" query for the third option.