This GraphQL query allows you to generate a signature, which is the first step for authenticating the wallet from Mojito services. You will need to provide the wallet address and network ID as parameters. The query will return a signature that needs to be signed by the crypto wallet. The signature is valid for 15 minutes from the time of generation. Below are some sample requests and responses for you to refer to.

General Pattern

query GetSignatureMessage(
  $orgID: UUID1!
  $walletAddress: String!
  $networkID: UUID1!
) {
    orgID: $orgID
    walletAddress: $walletAddress
    networkID: $networkID

Sample Query

  "orgID": "5a198d09-e243-491f-991a-f79e1cecdcc3",
  "walletAddress": "0xc7e893488a039a341d935959e52f86085976f865",
  "networkID": "b260424b-bb37-4a3e-86d0-0866175e5e68"

Sample Response

  "data": {
    "getSignatureMessage": "This message is used for signature validation for organization mercedes and wallet address 0xc7e893488a039a341d935959e52f86085976f865 at 2023-05-24T21:51:48Z"


orgIdUUID1This is a unique client ID for the project you are working on with Mojito. Please obtain this from the Mojito Support Team.
Note that it is different for development and production environments.
walletAddressEVM compatible Wallet AddressNote that an EVM compatible wallet address is mandatory for this process. Please ensure that the wallet address you provide is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.Yes
networkIDUUID1This is a unique network ID that is available from the "id" response field in the "GetSupportedNetworks" query.
Please note that it may differ between the development and production environments.