This object contains information about the auction settings.

idUUIDAuction setting id.
marketplaceAuctionLotIDUUIDAuction lot id.
nftContractAddressStringNFT contract address.
tokenIDIntegerNFT token id.
quantityOf1155IntegerIf the token type is ERC1155 put quantity.
tokenOwnerAddressStringNFT owner address.
startingCryptoPriceFloatStarting bid price of the auction.
reservedPriceFloatReserved price of the auction.
paymentCurrencyStringAuction payment currency.
whitelistedBuyersStringWhitelisted buyer list in comma separated in the auction.
blacklistedBuyersStringBlock listed buyer list in comma separated in the auction.
whitelistedBuyersRootHashStringThe root hash of the white-listed buyer.
blacklistedBuyersRootHashStringThe root hash of the black-listed buyer.
paymentSettlementAddressStringNFT buying amount sends to this address.
taxSettlementAddressStringTax settlement address of the transaction.
commissionAddressStringCommission address.
platformSettlementAddressStringPlatform fee settlement address.
commissionFeePercentageStringCommission fee percentage of the bid.
platformFeePercentageStringPlatform fee percentage of the bid.
createAuctionJobStatusStringAuction created status.
endAuctionStatusStringAuction end status.
endTransactionHashStringTransaction hash for on-chain end-auction process
networkIDUUIDNetwork id.
tokenTypeEnumContains the information from tokenType
supportedCurrencyIDUUIDSupported currency id i.e ETH or WETH
halfLifeTimeTimeDutch auction half lift time of auction to half reduce the amount.
availableQuantityIntegerThe available quantity of NFT to sale
totalQuantityIntegerThe total quantity of NFT in the sale
reduceByAmountFloatThe amount that will be reduced after each reduceByInterval
reduceByIntervalIntegerThe number of seconds after which the bid amount will be reduced.
walletLimitIntegerThe quantity allowed per wallet
transactionLimitIntegerThe quantity allowed per transaction.
isInstantDeliveryBooleanIf instant delivery=true, the NFT will transfer the NFT after the bid.
fromTokenIDIntegerStaring on-chain token ID from the contract for range.
toTokenIDIntegerEnding on-chain token ID from the contract for range.
rebateEnabledBooleanIf the rebate is enabled true end of the auction will transfer the remaining amount of the last bid.