Getting Started

To authenticate via Wallet, you need to first establish a valid wallet connection on the client-facing application, which should be connected to either Sepolia for Testnet or Ethereum for Mainnet, based on your organization's configuration.

You can use the Query getSupportedNetworks on the NETWORK API section to fetch the supported networks for all eligible networks of your organization. Refer to the section titled "NETWORK API" for more information.

After establishing the wallet connection on web application, the next step is to generate a signature using one of the Mutation provided in the next page "Generate Signature". Once the signature is generated, you should use it to sign a message via the expected wallet using one of the eligible networks.

After the signature is approved from the wallet, you should initiate a GraphQL mutation from the wallet callback to the Mojito Backend in order to fetch the JWT token for the wallet connection. Refer to the page "Generate JWT Token"