This object contains information about the marketPlace collection Items.


idUUIDThe marketplace collection item ID.
marketplaceTokenIdUUIDThe marketplace token ID.
collectionIdUUIDThe collection ID.
saleTypeEnumRepresents the type of the marketplace sale. The value can either be Auction or BuyNow.
nameStringThe name of the marketplace collection item.
slugStringThe slug of the marketplace collection item.
statusEnumThe collection items's status. The value can be either Active, Completed, Hidden, or Preview.
detailsUnionThe collection item details. The value can be MarketplaceBuyNowOutput or MarketplaceAuctionLot depending on the sale type.
artistIdUUIDThe Artist ID
artistArtistContains all the information from Artist
allowListAllowListContains all the information from allowList.
isBallotBooleanFlag for Ballot lot.
presaleMarketplaceCollectionPresaleDetailContains all the information from MarketplaceCollectionPresaleDetail
descriptionStringThe description of the collection Item.
assetAssetContains all the information from Asset.
onChainPaymentInfoOnChainPaymentInfoContains all the information from OnChainPaymentInfo.
totalQuantityIntThe Total Quantity of the collection items.
perWalletMaxClaimIntPer wallet max claim
numberOfCodesIntnumber of codes
prefixStringThe prefix
allowedClaimingMethodStringallowed claiming Method
secondaryMarketplaceSalePriceFloatThe secondary market place sale price.
secondarySaleInfoSecondarySaleInfoContains all the information from SecondarySaleInfo.