This object contains information about the supported currency.

idUUIDCurrency unique id .
nameStringCurrency name..
symbolStringCurrency symbol.
networkIdUUIDNetwork id.
networkObjectContains all the information from Network such as the name , chain id, rpc url and etc.
organizationIdUUIDThe organization id.
isErc20BooleanIs ERC 20 network.
contractAddressStringCurrency payment address.
isListingItemEnabledBooleanNetwork with organization is allow to listing the NFT.
isBuyNowEnabledBooleanNetwork with organization is allow to buy the NFT.
isMakeOfferEnabledBooleanNetwork with organization is allow to offer the NFT.
isAcceptOfferEnabledBooleanNetwork with organization is allow to accept offer the NFT.
secondaryMarketplaceContractAddressStringSecondary marketplace contract address.