This object contains information about NFT details.

nftContractTypeObjectType of NFT Contract
nftContractDeploymentObjectContains all the information from nftContractDeploymentsuch as the name,Base_contract Status and etc..
nameStringName of NFT contract
symbolStringSymbol of NFT contract
walletObjectContains all the information from Walletsuch as the name,Address, tokens and etc..
contractAddressEthAddressInformation of the contract address.
marketplaceAddressEthAddressInformation of the marketplace address
activationTxHashStringToken id in nft contract
deploymentTxHashStringNetwork name.
mediaTxHashStringMedia transaction Hash
arweavePathManifestStringarweave Path
nftTokens[Object]Contains all the information from NFTTokenssuch as the name,chainID,status and etc..
transferOwnershipHashStringTransfer Ownership Hash
admins[String]Array of Admin IDs
deployJobIdUUIDBarback Job Deployment Job id
networkIdUUIDNetwork ID
isExternalBooleanExternal wallet address or not
isImportedBooleanImported Contract or Not
extensionAddressStringContract Extension Address
networkStringContains all the information from networksuch as the name,chainID,defaultCurrency and etc..
isContractNftDynamicBooleanFlag for Dynamic NFT