This object contains information about NFT details.

contractAddressStringNFT contract address
tokenIdintegerToken id in nft contract
networkStringNetwork name.
networkIDUUIDNetwork id.
ownerStringNFT owner address.
contractNameStringNFT contract name.
tokenTypeEnumNFTtoken type ERC1155or ERC721
mintedAtTimeNFT minted date with time.
metadataObjectContains all the information from ERC721Metadatasuch as the name,description,image,attributes and etc..
mediaSourceExtensionStringNFT image source extension like gif,jpeg...
mediaSourceTypeStringNFT image source type like IMAGE,VIDEO.
mediaSourceURLStringNFT image source URL.
mediaBackupURLStringNFT media backup URL.
mediaBackupExtensionStringNFT media backup extension.
mediaBackupTypeStringNFT media backup type.
statusEnumNFT status in secondary marketplace
artistObjectContains all the information from Artist such as artist name, location, contact email.
categoryObjectContains all the information from Category such as artist name, location, contact email.
editionsintegerEdition number of the NFT.
priceObjectContains all the information about buyNowPrice,lastPurchasedPrice, makeOfferHighestPrice,makeOfferLatestPrice
isFavoriteBooleanIs NFT in favourite list
ownerAddressStringNFT owner address.
nftTokenIdUUIDNFT token id.
tokenURIStringNFT token uri.
tokenOwnerUsernameStringNFT token owner user name.
tokenOwnerAddressStringToken owner address
tokenOwnerAvatarStringToken owenr avatar
tokenOwnerProfilePicStringToken owner profile picture.
qtyIntegerQuantity of NFT
listedOrderInfoObjectContains all the information from order
isBuyNowEnabledBooleanNFT is enabled in buy now process.
isMakeOfferEnabledBooleanNFT is enabled in offer.
latestOfferObjectLatest offer order against the NFT.
editionNumberIntegerEdition number of NFT.
isOfferExistBooleanif offer exist against the NFT it will return true.
isSecondaryMarketplaceBooleanreturn the NFT in primary or secondary marketplace.