This object contains information about the auction current bid amount information.

bidAmountFloatCurrent bid amount.
totalBidAmountFloatTotal bid amount of quantity.
taxFloatTax of the NFT transsaction.
commissionFeeFloatCommission fee of the bid.
platformFeeFloatPlatform fee of the NFT.
availableQuantityIntegerThe remaining quantity of tokens is in the auction.
totalQuantityIntegerThe total quantity of NFTs in the auction.
perWalletLimitUsedIntegerReturn the wallet limit used to count in the auction.
perTransactionLimitUsedIntegerTransaction limit used counts in the auction.
networkIDUUIDNetwork id.
networkObjectContains the information from Network
supportedCurrencyIDUUIDSupported currency id of the transaction.
supportedCurrencyObjectContains the information from supportedCurrency
dutchAuctionContractAddressStringDutch auction contract address.
signatureInfoOnchainDiscountInfoContains all information on OnchainDiscountInfo