This mutation is used to update the claim performed by the user on the Onchain Dutch Auction. Once the claim is completed on the blockchain from the client application, this mutation needs to be called. Upon calling, Mojito creates a rebate history for the user.

Integration Guidance

Inorder to claim rebate on the Onchain Dutch Auction, please follow the below steps.

  1. Blockchain
    1. Should have balance on ETH/MATIC based on the network for gas fees & have applicable blockchain network connected
    2. You can refer the following script from mojito public repository and complete blockchain transaction on one of the applicable blockchain network.
  2. Mutation
    1. Once the blockchain integration is done, you can use the following mutation for updating and registering to mojito backend system.

Sample Mutation

mutation ConfirmDutchAuctionRebate($lotID: UUID1!, $txHash: String!) {
  confirmDutchAuctionRebate(lotID:$lotID, txHash: $txHash)

Sample Variable

  "lotID": "cd711230-f9cb-42dd-aa34-bc3b8532c51c",
  "txHash": "0xe6cec30204e2736e58e93e4a436735bf7007a29835d999b7a264b6a5a90f8fe8"

Sample Response

  "data": {
    "confirmDutchAuctionRebate": true


lotIDUUIDThe Auction lot id.Yes
txHashStringRebate claimed transaction hash.Yes


confirmDutchAuctionRebateBooleanReturns true claim update was done else return respective errors