This object contains all the information about the registry tokens.

TokenNameStringNFT token name
TokenIDIntegerNFT token id.
MetaDataObjectNFT metadata it contains such as name, description, image, attributes and etc..
TokenTypeEnumNFT toke type like ERC1155orERC721.
ListingStatusEnumNFT listing status in secondary marketplace like Active,InActive.
StatusEnumNFT TokenStatus
PriceEnumContains information from Price.
OwnersList[]Stringowner list.
OwnersStringIf multiple owner is present it will show in comma separated.
RegistryIdUUIDRegistry id.
[Registry]( information from Registry.
ArtistIDUUIDArtist id.
ArtistObjectContains information from Artist.
CategoryIDUUIDCategory id.
CategoryObjectContains information from Category.
CreatedByUUIDRegistry created user
CreatedAtTimeRegistry created time.
UpdatedAtTimeRegistry updated time,.
TokenURIStringNFT token uri.
NFTTokenIDUUIDNFT token id.
TokenOwnerAddressStringToken owner address.
MintedAtTimeToken minted date.
networkIDUUIDNetwork id.
editionNumberIntegerToken edition number if token type will present.
listedOrderInfoObjectContains information from Order.
isBuyNowEnabledBooleanIs token available in buy now process.
isMakeOfferEnabledBooleanIs token available in make offer process.
latestOfferObjectContains information from Order.
networkNameStringToken network name.
nftContractNameStringToken contract name.
isOfferExistBooleanToken have any offer.
mediaSourceURLStringToken media source url.
mediaSourceExtensionStringToken media source extension like gif,jpeg, ...
mediaSourceTypeStringToken media source type like IMAGE,VIDEO,..
mediaBackupURLStringToken media backup source url .
mediaBackupExtensionStringToken media backup extension.
mediaBackupTypeStringToken media backup type.
isSecondaryMarketplaceBooleanToken comes in primary or secondary marketplace.