This object represents the order activity

IDUUIDThe order unique id.
ActivityNameObjectRepresent the order activity status. The value can either be Listed_Item,Listed_Item_Removed ,Sold_Item,Offered,Offer_Cancelled,Offer_Rejected ,Offer_Expired ,Bought_Item.
TokenNameStringThe NFT token name.
TokenIDIntegerThe NFT token id in contract.
NFTTokenIDUUIDNFT token id.
ContractNameStringNFT contract name.
ContractAddressStringNFT contract address.
NetworkIDUUIDThe network ID.
TransactionHashUUIDThe NFT bought transaction hash if exist.
FromUserNameStringActivity from owner user name.
ToUserNameStringActivity to owner user name.
ToUserAvatarStringActivity to owner user avatar.
FromUserProfilePicStringFrom user owner profile pic.
FromWalletObjectContains all the information from wallet name ,address and etc..
ToWalletObjectContains all the information from wallet name ,address and etc..
InvoiceURLStringGoogle cloud uploaded invoice url
StatusEnumContains the all information from OrderStatus
CreatedAtTimeInvoice generated time.
InvoiceStatusEnumStatus of invoice Draft,AwaitingUserPayment,Pending, Canceled ,Expired,Paid,Failed,Deliveredbased on payment.
TransactionFeeFloatNFT transaction fee.
TokenTypeEnumNFT token type like ERC1155 or ERC721
EditionNumberIntegerNFT edition number, if the token type ERC1155 it will exist
nftImageUrlStringThe NFT image URL.
metadataObjectThe NFT metatdata object ERC721Metadata
orderObjectContains all the information from orders like token id, token type, token owner address, contract address and etc..
cryptoTaxObjectContains all the information from TaxResponse like cryptoTaxPrice,cryptoTotalPrice,USDUnitprice,taxPercentage.
PriceObjectContains the all information about price