This object contains information about the NFT token.


idUUIDThe NFT token ID.
nameStringThe name of the NFT token.
metadataArweaveTxIdStringThe information of arweave metadata ID.
metadataArweaveTxLinkStringThe information of arweave metadata link.
onChainIdIntegerThe information of on chain ID declared in number.
ethereumTxIdStringThe information of ethereum.
deployedBooleanConfirmation whether the NFT Token is deployed. The 'true' value represents that the token has already deployed. Otherwise, the value will be 'false'.
royaltyBasisPointsIntegerThe information of royalty basis point declared in number.
assetIdUUIDThe asset ID.
assetObjectContains all the information from Asset.
metadataJSONStringThe JSON metadata.
nftContractIDUUIDThe NFT Contract ID.
nftContractObjectContains all the information from NFTContract.