This object contains all the information about the NFT contract.


idUUIDThe ID of the NFT contract.
nftContractTypeObjectContains information from NFTContractType such as ID and name.
walletObjectContains information from Wallet such as ID, address, parentType, parentID, network, deploymentTxHash, gnosisSafeURL, and tokens.
contractAddressEthAddressInformation of the contract address.
marketplaceAddressEthAddressInformation of the marketplace address.
activationTxHashStringInformation of activation.
deploymentTxHashStringInformation of deployment.
mediaTxHashStringInformation of media.
arweavePathManifestStringThe arweave path manifest.
nftTokensObjectContains information from NFTToken.
transferOwnershipHashStringInformation of transfer ownership.
adminsStringInformation of the admin.