This object represents all the information about the marketplace auction lot.


idUUIDThe marketplace auction lot id.
lotNumberIntegerThe lot number.
marketplaceCollectionItemObjectContains all the information from MarketplaceCollectionItem such as marketplace token ID, sale type, name, etc.
marketplaceCollectionItemIdUUIDThe marketplace collection item ID.
startingBidFloatThe information of the starting bid.
reservePriceFloatThe information of the reserve price.
reserveMetBooleanConfirmation whether the reserve meet the standard.
previewDateTimeThe information of the preview date.
startDateTimeThe information of the start date.
endDateTimeThe information of the end date.
statusEnumRepresents the auction lot status. The value can either be Hidden, Preview, Active, or Completed.
currentBidObjectContains information from MarketplaceAuctionBid.
myBidObjectContains information from MarketplaceAuctionBid.
bidsQueryContains information from bids.
defaultConfigQueryContains information from defaultConfig
feeStructureObjectContains information from MarketplaceAuctionFeeStructure.