This object contains all the information about the marketplace auction bid.


idUUIDThe ID for marketplace Auction Bid.
marketplaceAuctionLotIdUUIDThe ID for marketplace Auction Lot.
marketplaceAuctionLotObjectContains all the information from MarketplaceAuctionLot such as lot number, marketplace collection item, starting bid, reserve price, reserve met, preview date, start date, end date, status, current bid, etc.
currentBidFloatInformation of the current bid in the marketplace auction.
maximumBidFloatInformation of the maximum bid in the marketplace auction.
userIdUUIDThe user ID.
amountFloatInformation of the amount of the bid in an auction.
userOrganizationObjectContains all the information from UserOrganization.
isCurrentBooleanConfirmation whether the bid is current.
nextBidIncrementFloatInformation of the next bid increment.
createdAtTimeInformation of the time when the bid created.
marketplaceUserObjectContains all the information from MarketplaceUser such as ID, avatar, and username.
isMineBooleanConfirmation whether the auction bid is belong to the user.
buyersPremiumFloatInformation of the buyers premium.
overheadPremiumFloatInformation of the overhead premium.
finalPriceFloatInformation of the final price.