This object represents all the information of the wallet token.


idBigIntThe wallet token ID.
tokenURIStringThe wallet token URI.
contractAddressStringThe wallet token contract address.
transferHashStringThe wallet token transfer hash.
tokenTypeStringThe token type.
balanceStringThe wallet balance.
titleStringThe token title.
descriptionStringThe token description.
metadataObjectAn object that contains information about the ERC721Metadata object, such as name, description, image, etc.
timeLastUpdatedStringThe wallet token update time.
networkStringNetwork name.
networkIDUUIDNetwork id.
tokenURIStringToken uri.
mintedAtTimeToken minted date.
contractNameStringNFT contract name.
listedAtTimeNFT listed date for sale.
statusEnumContains the information from TokenStatus
nftTokenIdUUIDNFT token id.
artistNameStringArtist name.
priceObjectContains the information from Price
favouriteCountIntegerCount of NFT favourite of user.
ownerStringNFT owner address.
editionNumberIntegerToken edition number.
listedOrderInfoObjectContainsthe information from Order.
isBuyNowEnabledBooleanNFT is enabled in buy now process.
isMakeOfferEnabledBooleanNFT is enabled in offer.
latestOfferObjectContains information from Order.
isOfferExistBooleanToken have any offer.
mediaSourceURLStringToken media source url.
mediaSourceExtensionStringToken media source extension like gif,jpeg, ...
mediaSourceTypeStringToken media source type like IMAGE,VIDEO,..
mediaBackupURLStringToken media backup source url .
mediaBackupExtensionStringToken media backup extension.
mediaBackupTypeStringToken media backup type.
isSecondaryMarketplaceBooleanToken comes in primary or secondary marketplace.