The object serves as the field for delayedTransferToken mutation.

idUUIDThe token transfer ID.
organizationIdUUIDThe organization ID.
walletIdUUIDThe wallet ID.
transactionHashStringThe transaction hash.
transferToStringThe recipient's contract address.
resolvedTransferToStringThe final recipient's contract address.
contractAddressStringThe sender's contract address.
statusEnumThe token transfer status. The value can be either Queued, InProgress, Success, Failed, or Canceled.
tokenTypeEnumThe type of token to transfer. The value can be either ERC721 or ERC1155.
tokenOnChainIdIntegerThe token onChain ID.
amountIntegerThe amount of token to transfer.
createdAtTimeThe time when the token is created.
updatedAtTimeThe time when the token is updated.
jobIdStringThe job ID.