This mutation allows users to claim a specific NFT by passing the wallet address and a valid item id for the NFT contract that is configured with a Mint Portal in the Mojito system. The NFT contract must be set up to allow minting of NFTs through the Mint Portal. The user does not need to provide a claim code to claim the NFT.

Sample query

mutation redeemClaimableItem($claimableItemId: String!, $destAddr: String) {
  redeemClaimableItem(claimableItemId: $claimableItemId, destAddr: $destAddr)

Sample variable

  "claimableItemId": "83f6385c-17a3-45fd-a18b-7992e3878198",
  "destAddr": "0x35C26722c5E89b4E4086c37EECf64584bf4821D6"

Sample response

  "data": {
    "redeemClaimableItem": true


claimableItemIdStringUnique ID of the Claimable Item for No code claimYes
destAddrStringEVM Compatible Wallet AddressYes


redeemClaimableItemBooleanProvides status either in true or false for the claimable request