This object contains information about the organization.


idStringThe organization ID.
handleStringThe handle of of the organization.
nameStringThe name of the organization.
jwtIssuerDomainStringIdentifies the principles that issued the JWT
membersObjectContains all the information from User that includes ID, the username, name, and email of the user
marketplaceObjectContains all the information from Marketplace such as ID, name, organization ID, theme, collections, and tokens of the marketplace.
assetsQueryContains all the information from asset.
walletsObjectContains all the information from Wallet.
nftContractsObjectContains all the information from NFTContract.
afterPaymentTransferSuspendTimeIntegerThe period lenght in second of the suspension after payment transfer.
buyNowInvoiceExpiryMinsIntegerThe period lenght in minute that describes the buynow invoice expiration time.