Welcome to Marketplace

Welcome to the user guide for our no-code tool, designed to empower brands to easily create their own direct-to-consumer secondary marketplaces. Recently, there has been a significant trend among brands to take ownership of the entire user journey, from minting NFTs to facilitating sales and engagement. This shift has led to an increasing number of brands launching their own direct-to-consumer NFT marketplaces, rather than relying solely on third-party platforms.

Why Marketplaces?

Brands understand that launching their own direct-to-consumer NFT marketplace is an exciting endeavor. They can engage with their audience, monetize their digital assets, and establish a lasting connection with their community.

Moving Beyond Third-Party Marketplaces

  • In the past, many brands would direct traffic, engagement, and sales from their mint pages to third-party marketplaces such as OpenSea. However, there has been a paradigm shift, with an increasing number of brands recognizing the benefits of launching their own direct-to-consumer NFT marketplaces.

Benefits of Marketplaces

There are many benefits for brands that create their own marketplaces. Marketplaces enable brands to exert greater control over their brand image, foster direct relationships with customers, explore new revenue streams, drive innovation, leverage data, and build a sustainable web3 presence.

  • Royalty Enforcement: Third-party marketplaces, like OpenSea, used to pay royalties to brands and creators on secondary transactions. This made it advantageous to outsource marketplace functionality. However, most major third-party marketplaces have ceased enforcing royalties and instead generate their own revenue using brand IP. In contrast, brands can enforce royalties on their own marketplace, ensuring fair compensation for their creations.
  • Owning the User Experience: Marketplace trading represents a crucial interaction between token holders and brands. Direct-to-consumer brands aim to control the entire user journey to optimize conversion rates for new customers and engage and monetize repeat customers. As the NFT drop era has evolved, the focus has shifted towards delivering high-value benefits and experiences to token holders, necessitating brand ownership of the full Web3 user journey, just like in Web2.
  • Cost & Speed to Market: Launching a marketplace typically involves substantial resources and functionality beyond a simple mint page, making it a daunting prospect for brands. However, options like Mojito now exist, enabling brands to launch their own direct-to-consumer marketplaces in as little as three weeks. Standard UX templates and APIs are available, reducing development time and costs, all offered at a reasonable monthly SaaS fee.

Getting Started

Use our no-code tool to overcome the challenges associated with launching your own marketplace. Our streamlined process reduces development time and costs, making it accessible for brands of all sizes.

Now is the perfect time for your brand to build and launch its own marketplace to enforce royalties, curate assets, implement pricing strategies, and deliver a unique and immersive customer experience. Creating your brand's self-hosted marketplace differentiates you from the noise, fosters direct relationships with customers, adds new revenue streams, and protects your audience.

Now your brand can tap into the growing trend of brand-owned NFT marketplaces, unlocking the full potential of your digital assets and engaging your audience in a meaningful way. We are excited to support you on this journey of creating a branded marketplace that reflects your vision, values, and unique offerings.