Discounted Price Feature

💲 Control which of your customer have access to certain events with the steps below!

Discount UI for Checkout Component Feature/Product

Step 1: Clone Repositories

Clone the repositories from the following URL:


Step 2: Obtain a valid Discount Code from your Mojito Representative

The current set up requires the discount codes to be imported/added to our DB before validation can occur.
Once the codes are imported they are added as discountCodeID if you choose to hardcode for development.

Step 3: Spin up local server and test Code validation

  • Run you local server from your IDE and go to your localhost
  • Once your local server is running, select one of the Buy Now lots.

-Go through the process of clicking Buy Now and entering your valid Discount Code

  • In the image below we've entered a valid discount code 'Ceremony'(These are case sensitive).
  • Mutations used in feature
    • applyDiscountCode - (link to code)
    • createPayment -(link to code)